Simon Torssell Lerin

Ljudkonst, Video, Installation

Simon Torssell Lerin is educated at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm and at the Bergen Academy of the Arts and currently lives in Sunnemo. Since 2010, he has worked in a borderland between visual art and experimental music through the duo Lerin / Hystad together with the Norwegian artist Bettina Hvidevold Hystad. Through the Electronic Flora project, the duo work with recordings of bio-electrical signals from plants that they convert into music through modular synths. The duo's works are presented in audio-visual installations, soundscapes where several plants compose music and video together. Hystad also studies the shape, structure and composition of plants through detailed botanical drawings in pencil.

Watch a film about Lerin / Hystad and the Electronic Flora project.

Technique: Painting, Video / Photo, Mixed media
Web page:

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