Kerstin Wessberg

Akryl, äggoljetempera, collage, kritor

Kerstin Wessberg  

Romstadsvägen 14
653 42 Karlstad




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After a few years of intense sketching, it is people I have met who appear in my world of pictures. They are waiting for something, they are playing games together, they are on their way somewhere. I then process these everyday moments in my studio into paintings, usually with eggoiltempera or acrylic. Maybe with these paintings I simply want to invite both myself and other viewers to a moment of joy over simply being able to exist.

I get a lot of my inspiration from expressionism and folk painting.

The techniques are eggoiltempera that I make myself, acrylic, preferably in a mix with collage and screen print, oil and crayons and pencils of all kinds.

Technique: Painting, Mixed media
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